Private Data Centers on The Company Premises.

Companies with their own data centers often face the limits of their IT hardware and environment due to constant demand for performance, including from the AI sector.

With DataGreen Liquid Cooling , your IT hardware can be placed in atypical locations. Moisture, dust, and other disturbances are not a problem for secure long -term operation thanks to the Ip67 design.

The generated waste heat can be fully utilized on the company premises. Due to the high exit temperatures and the liquid medium, integration into your heat processes is technically much easier to implement. Thus, extensive retrofits of existing air conditioning systems are not necessary.

DataGreen On-Premise ensures you future-proof computing power with the lowest requirements for the IT environment and the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Private Data Centers Outside The Company Premises.

Transporting data over long distances – utilizing heat locally: DataGreen operates a decentralized computing network with a fundamentally different design.

Each location in the network has a complete heat recovery system with our site partners (e.g., hotels, industry, district heating networks). By using local renewable energy, the DataGreen Private Cloud becomes climate-positive.


No compromises on security: The Layer 1 or 2 network solution (direct fiber optic) connects all locations without public Internet, creating a geographically extended private data center. Each location is ISO 27001 certified for security and maintains a consistently high level of availability.

This is how the cloud operates climate-positively, with all data stored in Europe.

Commercial Data Centers For Large Cloud Providers


Many data center operators have to accept limitations in terms of thermal performance, as upgrading the air conditioning would incur high costs.

With waste heat recovery and DataGreen Direct-to- Chip, existing locations can be better utilized, and new locations can be reimagined.

High Efficiency

Lower chip temperatures increase the efficiency of your IT hardware. Furthermore, with fewer fans, power savings  are possible. Due to the high exit temperatures, waste heat recovery can be done differently than traditionally.

DataGreen server units are also available in the familiar 19-inch racks.

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