Green Hosting and Co-Location Services :

Sustainable Hosting and Co-Location Infrastructure

Our Cloud, and our entire Hosting and Co-Location infrastructure is built with sustainability and performance in mind.We select hardware that has a solid performance/power balance.

Using DataGreen Hosting and Co-Location Services means your datasite or cloud will not only be green, but it will also enjoy the fastest operations platform out there.

Sensible Green Policies

Our focus on sustainability is anchored in the management of our organization, and we are systematically striving to improve the inner workings of DataGreen in that regard. As a company, we are iterating and incrementally improving on the foundation we have established so that we will be doing increasingly more important work.

Green Services from a Green Company:

At DataGreen, we go beyond just using renewable energy. We strive to be carbon-neutral across all our operations, including our offices and travel. We also invest in carbon offset programs and support reforestation initiatives.

Join the Green Revolution:

Choose DataGreen for Hosting and Co-Location Services that are good for your business and the planet. Let’s create a sustainable future together, one byte at a time!

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